When I discovered Orthodoxy,  I had a major problem with the Orthodox assertion that it was THE ONE TRUE CHURCH(tm). In fact, long after I had come to believe, I kept from converting because I could not reject the ones who first taught me to call on the name of the Lord.

There are many in the Pentecostal and Mennonite communities where  I spent my childhood and youth that are far holier and closer to God than I will probably ever be.

I finally came to the conclusion that like Job and the Good Samaritan under the old covenant, even today, God knows his own.

However, for me, the historical evidence is clear. Orthodoxy has preserved the faith. I was not conected to it, so I swallowed my pride and was baptized.

Is Orthodoxy perfect? No. Are local Orthodox churches perfect? No, we are human, and are as easily lured from our Christianity as anyone else. We may have not perpetuated the Holocaust, but we rather enjoyed our pogroms, and church complicity in the imperial persecution of the monophysites created a 1500 year rift.

Even so, in my case a flawed Orthodox Church beats the waffling and idiocy of the churches I grew up in.

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