The Grotto Lunker Returns

The Grotto Lunker ReturnsWell, it sounds like the memory of the Grotto Lunker burns bright for others than just myself!  I've just found out that they're doing it for this year's Colony Days Parade.

Thinking that a SteamPunk Grotto Lunker had better make an appearance. My wife is angling for a more DieselPunk look, either way it will be a found-object kinetic art.

Here's the Legend of the Grotto Lunker as told by the Palmer Chamber (with blarfy marketese bawdlerized by me):

Many still remember the days so many years ago when a dragon-like creature emerged from its icy mountain cave in Hatcher Pass. For those unfamiliar with the legend - let me fill you in.

When the great ice fields moved through the Matanuska Valley, tens of millions of years ago, they left more than gravel deposits. They moved huge mounds of earth and carved our valley from ancient stone. In that time so long ago, a creature roamed the valley, a creature not found anywhere else on earth...the Grotto-Lunker.

As the ice fields moved through, the Grotto-Lunkers were forced into mountain caves where they were trapped by advancing glacial ice. With the passage of time, the ice covering the caves became thin on the longest day of the year, and the Grottos were able to break through.

Recent volcanic activity has once again awakened the Grotto-Lunkers and they will try to free themselves near the longest day of the year.

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