Black Day, Black Night

HaileyBlack Day, pondering much. The Secular Reenchantment idea I mentioned in my last post was an annoying wash. I listened to it 2-3 times trying to glean something from it. The entire thing can be reduced to, "We have killed God, but that's ok, there is always the CSI Chatroom."

Black Night, in mood anyway. Took a 10:30 bike ride, I'm in Alaska, sun was still up. Pondering the meaning (or lack of) of it all. Played a mix of the Dresden Dolls and Abney Park, that didn't help.

The wonder of early summer. The green, the light, the smell of cow manure all tell me that there is hope; then I ride through the mcMansion subdivision that was once my wife's Grandmother's farm.

Change, death, birth, growth, decomposition... All good and so vital to the smooth operation of our world. Yet it is this same impermanence that the human mind, when elevated from daily survival, seeks to overturn for personal immortality.

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