Del’s Room Upgraded to TreeHouse 1.2

Castles in the Sky

Yup, been talking about upgrading Del's room to something more than blue walls. Laur and I did this this weekend and it felt great.

Anyway, I also got something else out of it, After almost six years I got to put a castle on his wall. He asked for it, which is a great thing for me. Since before he was born, I made the decision that I would not fill his life with my manias. I have never pushed my love of the middle ages, or reenactment on him, but it would seem that some interests are shared. Yeah.

The rooms theme is a treehouse, an old laundry chute is the tree, and the walls are sky, boards, and the tree's leaves. It all came together rather nicely.

The Treehouse

The Treehouse

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