Session III – Social Networking Media case study & policy

Presenters:   Liz Rosas & Gray Craig

Part I: Case study for Santa Clara County

Context for Social Media at SCC

  • Focus on collaborati0on (wiki) to drive efficiency/productivity.
  • H1N1 was test case for Twitterdone on the fly
    no policies
    define roles
  • Portal:  created Hot item


  • OPA News Advisory
  • NAGW, Web Content Mgr. LISTSERVs
  • @lizrosas tweets

Use & Issues

  • answer direct questions
  • Once out, it's not going away

Part II: Creating a Soc. Media Policy that you can live with   ~Gray Craig

policy examples can be seen at NAGW forums.

policy should be internally facing and (or have second policy) externally facing

Social media policy should be:

  • flexible enough to accomodate new media
  • adaptable to your  current infrastructure
  • accessible to all employees who need to read and follow it.

Where to Start:

  • authority
    (elected officials, b. manager, chief administrator, who is authorized to post and/or respond )
  • accountability
    (acountabilty of staff, employee policies, legal issues educations)
  • action
    (include public facing agencies, ongoing education, test new social media, recommendations to admin, Issue guidelines and standards for agency, web 2.0 working group)


  • legal conciderations- public meetings laws (many states concider social media / forums / lists as public meetings
  • are we willing to pay
  • privacy
  • ads


  • Use s larger than PIO or IT
  • identify interested parties & departments
  • who's the leader
  • need a defined direction
  • regular meetings and followup are key to succeed and credibility

Setting up a governanace model

  • defining roles: who does what?
  • describing processes
  • establish chain of command/accountability
  • who can pull the plug how and when?
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