Session V: OGDI with Windows Azure

OGDI = Open Government Data Initiative
Microsoft's take on WhiteHouse's Open Data Initiati

Not a competitior to
Pay as you go, no upfront costs.. "be surprised if it cost more than $100 a month" ...we'll see.

Will be Open Source Solution made available on CodePlex

  • set of software  components
    .NET or PHP
  • deployable in the clouds
  • offered as open source
  • provide interactive and API access to data
  • makes data instantly browseable by people or programatic

source > data loader > storage (Azure Table Storage - flat file or later SQL Azure Storage)

Infrastructure as a service
Software as a service
Platform as a service - Azure - .Net in the cloud

(Next version of Exchange will be built on Azure)

OGDI vs.

OGDI is a solution not a destination like, it  goes into your instance of Azure

can be linked into by


Demo of code

Demo of Mapping - MS Live maps & Google Earth
IDB Solutions- visualfusion (geotagging sharepoint on Azure)


OGDI Data Repository - free till November

pay for data / bandwidth /CPUs

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