A mythic retelling of my Bio.

Jack HornerA veteran of the Browser Wars, Jack Horner has been working with the Pneumatic Aether-Tubes since '95. Having lost an eye in a fierce coding session, he retired to his hometown of Palmer in His Majesty's crown colony of British Alaska. Alas, the call of the Tubes was strong, and he took service in local government and has been the Tubemaster for the Matanuska-Susitna Borough for the past 6 years.

When not working on Tube Nodes he and his family run winter steam-cat trains to the Dawson radium mines. As proud members of Self-Sustainability and Maker cultures, he and his family are constantly tinkering with everything. From techniques for gardening and livestock, to electronics and legos, very little escapes their spades or mitre saw, and hopefully soon a  soldering iron.

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