Ada Lovelace Day

Happy Ada Lovelace Day! I would like to highlight the technical accomplishments of two of the most important women in my life. They are my mother, Priscilla Horner; and my wife, Laura Sampson. Their accomplishments,unlauded are many and I will list a few of them here.

My mother has been a tech aficionado, maker, and hacker, since I was a child. I still remember our first Franklin unpacked and in pieces on our dining room table when I was in third grade. Or more recently her tearing apart old lcd monitors to build her own projector. And finally for taking my boys under her arm for wild adventures ranging from model locomotives to magnetism.

And also my lovely wife, who, though late to the tech scene, has made up in spades with her own blog and encouraging our sons with every tech project imaginable.

And finally, some of the other women who deserve articles of their own, but I have not the words... I'd like to shout out to Shari Brooks, Sheila Hefner, and Rhonda Zak, you all deserve more recognition.

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