Not that I’m Amish…

but I was a Mennonite for about 8 years as a young man.

This is a  clarification from the last post. Where I suggested that Steamish was Steampunk-Amish.

I am fascinated with Amish secondary characteristics, but I disagree with their metaphysical underpinnings.  ( I am an Eastern Orthodox Christian, which is light years away from anabaptist core beliefs.) This denies me access to the root of their distinctiveness.

Most people dwell on the obvious secondary characteristics of the Amish, the buggies, lack of electricity, living simply,  etc.  The true distinctiveness is their particular brand of the Anabaptist tradition. Their belief in the centrality of peace in Christ's message,  that Christians should be a people set apart from the world and it's governance, their brand of the community hermeneutic; these are the things that are central to the Amish and the font from which the secondary characteristics flow.

The things that I and others look at, the things that single them out are natural outgrowths of this not the other way around.

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