Neckcloth, Tie, Ascot, Cravat; What’s in a name?

So I just stuck my foot in my mouth in a twitter conversation. And I realize that I know less about the tie than I thought I did.  And worse, I have committed the cardinal sin of responsible research. I have made broad and sweeping statements about stuff based on a couple Google searches.

I know the three basic knots that are required for contemporary wear and two others that produce the standard result.  I know the knots for the bow tie, the informal ascot, and the noeud gordien, or at least one form of it. But there are at least 12 distinct,  named ways* of getting to the contemporary standard look. When you go back in time, and expand the expected style, the methods explode.

I have decided to dedicate a portion of this blog to the exploration of the cravat in it's glory. Will I use responsible research techniques? That remains to be seen.  But at this point, an evening's searching has turned up 69 named knots, that's a lot of wiggle room.


* I have found 26, but believe there is significant duplication, as well some physicists have mathematically extrapolated 85 possible knots.

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