John Carter of Mars Trailer. My take on it.

Just watched John Carter trailer in 1080p, with lots of breaks for details. Here's my blow by blow take.

00:09 - pic of John Carter- very savage noble/John Clayton look. He's totally uncomfortable in the clothes/chair, nice touch.

00:15 - Waking up on Mars, fully clothed? hmmm...

00:19 - First thing he sees, Could be Arizona, but wait, Ochre moss. FTW!

00:27 - View of Helium? To much clothing. Looks like Prince of Persia.

00:30 - Shot of Dejah Thoris from behind, beautiful shot, decoration more angular, American Craftsman/Frank Lloyd Wright than the Art Noveau/Gaudi look I has imagined. Right time period.

00:34 - Burning Flyer? Village? More pathos than I like.

00:36 - First good look at a Red Martian, Dejah Thoris is darker than John Carter Good color contrast. Not as red/coppery skin as I exptected, but enough to see a difference. And enough that John Carter with a deep tan could almost pass, like it states in many books.

00:39 - John & Dejah with swords... shades of Arwen warrior princess?

00:43 - Blue line room. WTF?? Air Factory?

00:44 - John Carter in silks and harness. Not very Frazetta or Whelan, but a whole lot like Gahan in my early 20's hardback of Chessmen.

00:48 - John Carter standing against a oncoming group of Warhoons? Swords look Rather like Indonesian Klewang. Calots look long and stringy (spidery?) Thoats look much sturdier than I had expected. Like the Rhinocerus arena beast in Attack of the Clones. (an obviously Burroughs inspired scene)
Is it me or is JC's longsword not long enough?

00:50 Flyers/Airships- novel design. Are the forward sweeping nacels the 5th ray (?) buoyancy tanks? Improbable design.

00:54- Airship over a flyer. Guy in... Armour??? Grumble...

01:05 JC fighting a bunch of Romans. WTF?

01:07- Dusty blue cavalry- Union soldiers? Perhaps a PC way to get JC to Mars instead of being chased by Apache?

01:08- Dejah Thoris vs. Green Man (Tars Tarkas ?) Nice look for the green man. +1

01:11- SAK! That is how JC's supposed to jump.

01:18 - "When I saw you, I thought it was a sign..." Tars Tarkas pledging allegiance to JC? Good.


Ok, that's all folks. Every time I watch this trailer, I am more convinced that this, while not my vision, is a good vision of Barsoom, much like John Howe's take on Middle Earth. Now if Stanton can refrain from directorbation or updating the story to much this could really be something.

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