Change of Focus

A New Year and the end of a long standing project have freed me to change the focus of the blog. Or more correctly, refine it.

Since it's inception the ::ÆT:: was meant to be somewhat steampunk and somewhat diary. For the last year and a half it's been a bit of a Book review blog, but that project is thankfully over and now I can move on to what I want to do.

After about 2 and a half years of lurking I came out to the steampunk community a year and a half ago in the Great Steampunk Debate. Something I look back on with mixed feelings. I realized in the GSD that the scene was much bigger and different than I realized. So rather than just adopting an 'it's all good' attitude, I decided to try it out. I figured that since steampunk was originally a literary phenomenon I should actually see what that was about. Well, I've been there, and done that, and have reinforced my long standing interest in non-fiction. Cosplay doesn't interest me that much, but I am looking to go to a con in the next year so we'll see what that's all about.

I am a lifestyle/maker steampunk. That's what drew me to the scene, that's what has kept my interest.

But in the intervening time I discovered a few things that have cemented my niche and my general interest. I came across the definition of reform Luddite, I discovered both, and Steampunk Homesteading. This is my thing. It's what I've been going on about. One of the things that first drew me to steampunk was the idea that retro-aesthetics and current technology were not incompatible. The idea that things could be torn apart, rebuilt and work better than they started. That I could maintain a  positive view of science, technology, and new technologies, and still choose which ones worked for me and my community, and reject the others. Suddenly this becomes a beautiful pairing to my wife's love of the earth (by this I mean the dirt and our little corner of it), of a simple life, and self-sufficiency.

Anyway this is a long winded way of saying that I am going to devote this blog to Steampunk Homesteading and the melding of my reform luddite ways with my wife's wholesome ones.

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