Self-Sufficiency Sucks. Or know when to say when, then make a plan for next time.

This week I was defeated by our drains. After snaking the drain for 4 hours from every available drain, and renting a high powered water-snake I still could not undo the drain. Ended up having to call the drain guy. He charged $150, and had to come out twice. That's on top of $67 I spent renting a heavy duty snake. So what have I learned? Well so far that I need to come up with a plan to do it myself. A drain auger like the one he used seems to go for $500-$700. So I'd start recouping money on the 3rd drain clean out. We get bad backups about every 1.5 years, so we'd start seeing movement in 5 years. Worth it? Jury's still out.

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