this is where I need to introduce my Mantra for this year: Perfect is the enemy of done.

This is my wife's greenhouse that I started this last summer. I got about 80% done, and hit a brick wall. I couldn't figure out how/what to do to finish.

Anyway, a couple weeks ago I decide to take advantage a late December chinook (a mid-winter warming) to see what I could get done.

Wow, when I defined what needed to get done, and just figured out how to do it, it went great. I got the bottom walls on, finished the area above the doors, and more importantly, I cut a hole in the roof to install a wood stove.

After it got cold again, we tested out the stove, it works great, and got the little green hose up to about 70 degrees.

So now we can start our plants outside this year, and come summer, tomatos!

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