A Steampunk’s Essential Reading list.

One of the results of the Great Steampunk Debate was that I realized that I had very little knowledge of literary steampunk.

I've followed literary steampunks, read reviews, and listened to podcasts,  but don't have a real good feeling of the genre beyond artist and craftsmen's material culture and the broad strokes of cosplayer's bios.

This must cease. So I've decided to do a literary steampunk crash course.

Broadly put steamish literature has three eras: Scientific Romance 1850- 1917, classic steampunk 1972-2003, and self-conscious steampunk 2000-Present. There might be a fourth era Steam-pulp that covers the period between the end of the great war and Moorcock's Warlord of the Air, I don't know just yet.

I have chosen five (or six) books from each of the three major periods and will be reading and reviewing them. SO without futher explication here's what I'm reading for fun over the next few months:

Foundational Scientific Romance

Mark Twain:A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court Reviewed - Project Gutenberg
Jules Verne:Robur the conquerer Reviewed - Project Gutenberg
Jules Verne:20,000 Leagues Under the Sea finished - local bookstore - also available via Project Gutenberg
H.G. Wells:War of the Worlds Reviewed - Project Gutenberg
Edward Ellis:The Huge Hunter, or The Steam Man of the Prairies finished - Project Gutenberg
Garrett P. Serviss:Edison's Conquest of Mars Reviewed - Project Gutenberg

Formative Steampunk

Michael Moorcock: Warlord of the Air - to acquire -local Bookstore/amazon used
K. W. Jeter: Morlock Nights finished - Kindle eBook
Blaylock: The Adventures of Langdon St. Ives finished - Kindle eBook
James Powers: Anubis Gates - local Bookstore
Mark Helprin: Winter's Tale* - Audible

self-conscious steampunk

Scott Westerfeld: Leviathan - borrowed - audile?
Philip Reeve: Larklight - local Bookstore
Gail Carriager: Soulless - Library eBook - audible
Theodore Judson: Fitzpatrick's War - local Bookstore
Cherie Priest:Boneshaker - Kindle eBook

* I've been told that this isn't steampunk,. but I'm reading it anyway, dammit!