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Reform Luddism

Reform Luddism in action. Photo by Vladimir Kudinov courtesy of Unsplash.

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Open Source Education

In the world of computing there is a whole class of stuff called “Open Source”. It’s built on the idea that things work out for everyone if stuff is freely available and people can choose what they wish to work … Continue reading

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this is where I need to introduce my Mantra for this year: Perfect is the enemy of done. This is my wife’s greenhouse that I started this last summer. I got about 80% done, and hit a brick wall. I … Continue reading

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This year’s goals

Goals: + Finish greenhouse + build smithy + get and raise piglets + 3 iron pours + two 3 day period camping trips with boys + refinish kitchen + refinish first floor + expand pantry + root cellar

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Check in…

December was unusually full of projects, and not in the normal, get ready for Christmas sense either. Although there was plenty of that as well. I built a gravity feeder for the chickens, a new light and heater for the … Continue reading

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Icons of the Creation

I love Orthodox icons of the creation. Here’s a new one to me. The brightness and the implicit cosmology are awesome.

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Self-Sufficiency Sucks. Or know when to say when, then make a plan for next time.

This week I was defeated by our drains. After snaking the drain for 4 hours from every available drain, and renting a high powered water-snake I still could not undo the drain. Ended up having to call the drain guy. … Continue reading

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Plans for this summer….

So January is speeding by and I can’t quite believe it’s going so fast. We’ve been solidifying our plans for the year and there are some big changes in store. First, I’m not going to be doing any reenactment this … Continue reading

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Winter’s Tale

Winter’s Tale was interesting to me. When I encountered it I read some reviews and felt it was definitely one for my list. I added it as the last of my ‘foundational’ or pre-2007 works.  When I showed my list to … Continue reading

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Revising Booklist: Dropping Titles

I’m running out of steam. I’ll be dropping the following titles from my reading list: Michael Moorcock: Warlord of the Air James Powers: Anubis Gates Philip Reeve: Larklight Theodore Judson: Fitzpatrick’s War

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