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Open Source Education

In the world of computing there is a whole class of stuff called “Open Source”. It’s built on the idea that things work out for everyone if stuff is freely available and people can choose what they wish to work … Continue reading

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the 32 Cravats according to Mr. Hollingshead

John Hollingshead was an actor  and writer, who wrote this piece some time before 1883.  It is a comic piece that largly paraphrases LeBlanc, written inthe style of an Octegenarian dandy, decrying the slovenliness of the young. The major difference … Continue reading

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John Carter of Mars Trailer. My take on it.

Just watched John Carter trailer in 1080p, with lots of breaks for details. Here’s my blow by blow take. 00:09 – pic of John Carter- very savage noble/John Clayton look. He’s totally uncomfortable in the clothes/chair, nice touch. 00:15 – … Continue reading

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Capitalism, Commerialization, Commercialism, and Modernity

Shamelessly stolen from wikipedia. Capitalism: Capitalism is an economic system structured upon the accumulation of capital in which the means of production are privately owned and operated for profit, usually in competitive markets. Income in a capitalist system takes at … Continue reading

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When did socialism jump the shark?

Socialism was, in the 19th century, a local communitarian ideal. It was supposed to be about lots of independent small scale, self sufficient,  egalitarian  communities.   How did it evolve into large state authoritarianism? It was about capable highly skilled people supporting each … Continue reading

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“Will steampunk last?” is not an interesting question.

If you distill the essential qualities of successful movements/ subcultures/ groups you will find that they tap into a unfulfilled need in their participants. “Will it last?” begs other, more interesting questions: What need does it fulfill? Why is this … Continue reading

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Not that I’m Amish…

but I was a Mennonite for about 8 years as a young man. This is a  clarification from the last post. Where I suggested that Steamish was Steampunk-Amish. I am fascinated with Amish secondary characteristics, but I disagree with their … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Frank Chu!

Happy Birthday Frank! You made my time in San Francisco memorable, and every visit since has been a revelation about your continuing fight against the evils of the 12 galaxies. Impeach Madison 50 Galaxies Guiltied to a Birthday Rocket Society

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Essential Firefox Addons

Browser Flock Browser Add-ons ColorZilla DNS Cache FireBug Page Speed FireFTP FireTorrent FlashGot MeasureIt Network Tools (Router Status) Palette Grabber ShowIP Ubiquity Web Developer To Try: Tamper Data YSlow GreaseMonkey PixelPerfect Live HTTP Headers FoxyProxy

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Del’s Room Upgraded to TreeHouse 1.2

Yup, been talking about upgrading Del’s room to something more than blue walls. Laur and I did this this weekend and it felt great. Anyway, I also got something else out of it, After almost six years I got to … Continue reading

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