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John Carter of Mars Trailer. My take on it.

Just watched John Carter trailer in 1080p, with lots of breaks for details. Here’s my blow by blow take. 00:09 – pic of John Carter- very savage noble/John Clayton look. He’s totally uncomfortable in the clothes/chair, nice touch. 00:15 – … Continue reading

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A mythic retelling of my Bio.

A veteran of the Browser Wars, Jack Horner has been working with the Pneumatic Aether-Tubes since ’95. Having lost an eye in a fierce coding session, he retired to his hometown of Palmer in His Majesty’s crown colony of British … Continue reading

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SteamPunked iPad

Amazingly no one seems to have decided to Steampunk the iPad yet, or at least talked about it. So before it’s to late… I’m a difference engine, and the Steampunked iPad was my idea.

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Professor Horne – An Introduction

It’s been more than a hundred years since the Rush of ’98, and men came to the Klondike from all over the world in search of riches. But one name towers above all others in the history of British North … Continue reading

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I for one…

Stirling Engines run the world. Yeah, yeah, some ‘scientists’ may say ‘molten iron core’ but the truth is that it’s just a big Stirling Engine, like the one to the left which was used by the Machine King when he … Continue reading

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Professor Horne’s Rules of Beer

I am a beer snob. Not a conniseur. Conniseur implies knowledge, snob on the other hand: opinion and arrogance. I like what I like and don’t care what you think. You on the other hand can benefit from my opinion. … Continue reading

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From the Archives: St. Dogbert

St. Dogbert: Patron of IT What more needs to be said?

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